SPK.no - Min side

Min side in SPK.no is a React application integrated with Optimizely CMS. The project needed new design, refactoring, and optimizing.

spk min side front-page

Project Role

As the front-end lead in a product team, I had the responsibility of selecting technologies, defining code structure, establishing guidelines and developing components for the design system. Three notable choices were Tanstack Query, which made data fetching effortless, implementing lazy made our application load only the necessary components when they were needed, resulting in faster load times and Docusaurus, which added fun to our documentation writing process.

Tools and technologies

  • React.js with Typescript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Jest and React Testing Library
  • Storybook (React components and design system)
  • Tanstack Query (Data fetching)
  • Docusaurus (Documentation)
  • Optimizely (CMS)
  • Octupus Deploy (Min Side Deployment)
  • Team City (Min Side CI/CD)
  • Docker (Docusaurus Container)
  • Jenkins (Docusaurus CI/CD)

Additional Images