Docusaurus: Documentation made easy

Choosing Docusaurus for your project documentation comes with a great number of benefits, making it a preferred choice among developers.

What is Docusaurus?

Docusaurus is an open-source project for creating documentation websites. You simply write in Markdown, and Docusaurus transforms it into a simple and elegant site.

Getting started

Check out their easy installation guide to start or copy the snippet below:

npx create-docusaurus@latest my-website classic --typescript

Write in markdown with code snippet

### Imports order

//React imports
import React, {useState} from "react";

// Library imports (alphabetical order)
import { Button, Loader } from '@design-system/components';

// Absolute imports (alphabetical order)
import { MyComponent } from "components/MyComponent";

// Relative imports (alphabetical order)
import { MyComponent } from "../../../src/components/MyComponent";

This is how the preview will looks like on the site:

a code snippet on how to order react imports